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Developmental Stroke School 

at Marymount University

2807 N Glebe Rd

Arlington, VA 22207


Our DEVELOPMENTAL STROKE SCHOOL is devoted to competitive stroke instruction

with an emphasis on balance in the water through specialized drills. It is not a beginner

or novice learn to swim program. Our Stroke School is an excellent supplement to

summer league programs or for anyone with a minimum time commitment.

This program is for 5 - 13 year olds.

If your child is under 7, they must be evaluated on the first day of class before confirming their spot in the

program. Refunds are guaranteed if the program is not the right fit after the first class.

**There will not be access to locker rooms except for students to use the bathroom during class, we apologize for the inconvenience.

- Winter/Spring 2023 -

Registration will open Sat (11/12) at 12pm

January 28 - April 29

- Classes meet once a week -

Saturday /12:10-1:10 PM

10 Classes Total - $500

- Registration Contact -
Spencer Ugast- 
[email protected]

Marymount Developmental Schedule


Beginners -- 5 - 10 years old

Skillset must include: Swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke, ability of rotary breathing.

This class teaches detail technique of freestyle & backstroke, introduces basic breaststroke, and

builds endurance

60 min – 12:00 PM


Intermediate -- 6 - 12 years old

Skillset must include: Swim 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke, ability of rotary breathing

and kicking in balance on the side and streamline. Teaches longer freestyle swimming, more

advanced backstroke, and breaststroke. This class will introduce starts and turns, as well as fly kicks.

60 min – 12:00 PM

Sting Rays

Advanced -- 6 - 13 years old

Skillset must include: Must be able to swim 75 yards of freestyle and backstroke, 25 yards

of breaststroke, legal flip turns, and fly kick. This class works on detailed mechanics of

breaststroke, butterfly, and starts.

60 min – 12:00 PM


Advanced -- 7 - 13 years old

*Please note this class is for more advanced swimmers that have reached

a maturity level to participate in a practice-like environment.

Skillset must include: Swim 100 yards of freestyle and backstroke, 50 yards breaststroke,

25 yards of butterfly. This class works on longer breaststroke and backstroke, full stroke

butterfly, and endurance swimming. Swimmers must be able to do laps of all 4 strokes, legal flip

turns and starts, 100 IM/intervals, read a pace clock, streamline dolphin kicks off the wall.

60 min – 12:00 PM